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RCS Ski Trip 2023- Wagrain

The RCS Skip Trip 2023 have arrived safely and were lucky enough to have not had any delays at the airport!
They had their first day on the slopes yesterday and even had a flurry of snow in the afternoon with more forecast over the next few days.
Wipeout nominations were:
  • Hannah Surtees
  • Shaula Berry 
  • Josh Greaves
  • Aimie Underwood
  • Amelia Longden
The winner was ……… Josh Greaves, who gets to wear Patricia the crab on his helmet for the day.
Everyone is settled well into their rooms and are currently keeping them tidy!
The students are becoming very self sufficient, making their own lunch, serving their own tea and helping clear the tables.

Sunday evening entertainment was football and netball in the sports hall. ⚽🏐

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