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Valencia – Day 5 and Tour Roundup

Day 5 saw us squeeze in one final training session down at Valencia’s training ground and gave us chance to say goodbye and thank you to the coaches before we packed up our things and left the hotel.

On the way to the airport we stopped at Valencia FC for a tour of the stadium and a stop in the club shop for another round of souvenir shopping.

Special mentions to Ethan Barrett and Hayden Atkinson who won the “cleanest room of the tour award” scoring maximum points, staff were even unsure they had any belongings at all in their room!!!

We are writing this post in the airport as we have landed safe and sound in England. It has been an eventful 5 days and a tour of 2 halves 😉 we have filled the 5 days with intense training sessions, stadium tours, competitive fixtures, la liga matches, souvenir shopping, city centre roaming, sightseeing and even more football training. The days have also been full of grip socks with sliders, key cards that don’t work, 15 minute early meet times (people were still late), painful slide tackles (note do not do this on Astro!!), photo opportunities, lost shin pads, room inspections, amazing team victories, straw hats, sore legs and tired eyes.

But most of all we have had loads of laughs and lasting memories that both the staff and students will remember for a long time.

Here’s to next year.

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