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RCS Proud Podium Launch

Our new initiative of the Proud Podium started this month.
This is an opportunity for students to come forward and tell us about aspects of their school or out of school life that they are proud about. This could be a test score, a golden book, a sporting success and more. 
Once they have been able to verbalise what they are proud about and why then they can get a pick in the proud bucket or prizes. 
We are delighted to see how many students came forwards. 
See you this Friday, 1st break!
  • Alicia Green – top of SAM learning
  • Jay Mylet- 100% attendance for the last 5 years
  • Jacob Sayers- top of the class on geography assessment 
  • Lacey Kay- wright- the most number of CFPs last half term
  • Morgan Draycott- a great piece of work in art
  • Chloe Dearden- art exam work
  • Kiera Kenneth- proud of her much improved behaviour 
  • Abigail- standing up for students behind the scenes 
  • Kacey Coxon- gold book
  • Jacob Houghton- gold book
  • Lilly- Jo Bramwell -full marks on the history test and Golden book
  • Marcus Woodcook- helped with the Y6 transition evening 
  • Lewis Severn- scored his first ever 4 for his cricket team
  • Blake Mitchell – cricketing career
  • Harrison Mounsey – ABC award and outstanding homework for PE 
  • Connor Hill- achieved over 30 in Mr greens geography lesson
  • Jayden Denver- 19 CFPs in one week
  • Jack Barlow- scored 2 goals in Valencia’s 
  • Freddi Parry- 100% attendance award
  • Summer Underwood- golden book in Geography
  • Amber Hicking- 100 % attendance 
  • Dylan Tinnion-Scored 4 games in 2 games
  • Jack Shepherd- won school final- captain 
  • Harry Emptage- won the school final 
  • Abbey Hancock- gold book
  • Abigail Gbenro- top mark in French test 
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