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RCS Proud Podium

Friday 24th November –  Proud Podium

Lots of students from all year groups came to tell us how proud they were about various aspects of their school and out of school activities. It was lovely to see so many students able to verbalise their pride in their achievements.

24/11/2023Jack Turton8
Helping a friend in tutor
24/11/2023Harry Conlon7
Greater depth in history
24/11/2023Jospeh Shadwick8100% since Y7 
24/11/2023Rhys Frost8
100% Attendance
24/11/2023Isaac Honeyball7
Outstanding Award
24/11/2023Obanijesu Daudu8
97% on Science test
24/11/2023Jackson O’Malley8
88% on Science test
24/11/2023Riley Gambles8
28 out of 33 Maths Test
24/11/2023Adam Swallow8
High average on the Effort report
24/11/2023Mason Longden733 CFPs 
24/11/2023Archie White7
High Effort and Outstanding Award
24/11/2023Thomas Booth7
Opened own bank account
24/11/2023Bayan Najjar8CFP in Science 
24/11/2023Evie Summerbell8
Going into nursing homes to sing
24/11/2023Blake Lunn7
Sticker in Tech excellent work
24/11/2023Harry Clarke11
Star of the week in Maths
24/11/2023Louie Gale11
Playing in the Christmas Concert
24/11/2023Leon Gardner9
Learned a new song on the guitar
24/11/2023Aiden Pritchard11
Has a bike sponsor ( Gorilla Goo)
24/11/2023Brooklyn Woolhouse11Boxing fight 
24/11/2023Elliott Marsh7
Proud of having a brother
24/11/2023Marcus Woodcock9
Star of the week in Maths
24/11/2023Owen Hodkin9
playing the guitar
24/11/2023Isabel Brearley10
Star of the week and performing in a dance show
24/11/2023Vu Nam Ho-Nguyen730 CFPs 
24/11/2023Darius Chelaru7
Star of the Week in Spanish
24/11/2023Deborah Ojo7
Science test and Student Council
24/11/2023Rosabella Bazari7Over 60 CFPs 
24/11/2023Jack Burgess11
Health & Social Care presentation
24/11/2023Charlie Kent8
Making a card game
24/11/2023Oskaras Grumundis8
Making a card game
24/11/2023Jenson Wray8Student Council 
24/11/2023Thomas Cousins7
High score in Science
24/11/2023Arran Sanderson8Student Council 
24/11/2023Sebastian Hopley7
Star of the week in Tech
24/11/2023Harry Hughes11
Remembrance ceremony
24/11/2023Rhys Bonsha11
Joining a boxing club
24/11/2023Amber Hickling9
Raised £225 for Children In Need
24/11/2023Alyssia Battersby9
Raised £225 for Children In Need
24/11/2023Olivia Abbott9
Raised £225 for Children In Need
24/11/2023Harrison Mounsey9
Raised £225 for Children In Need
24/11/2023Tyler Newton8RE Test 
24/11/2023Zakk Gelsthorpe9
Astrophysics knowledge
24/11/2023Charlie Bartrop7
Scored 2 goals in his football match
24/11/2023Aleasha Hercock-Glaves8Effort report 
24/11/2023Tilly Sanderson7
Art Postcard and Star of the week in PSHE
24/11/2023Lily-Mae Durrans7
Most CFPs on her form
24/11/2023Yoanne Ngoma-Kilumbu8
Postcard in Drama
24/11/2023Alfie Hickling8
100% Attendance
24/11/2023Ruby Harris7
Outstanding Award
24/11/2023Ella Peach7
Most CFPs last week
24/11/2023Daisy Hopson7
Working hard and believing in herself
24/11/2023Cameron-Lee Haywood7
Working well in Geography
24/11/2023Aisha Ellis10
Star of the Week in Geography
24/11/2023Livia Flecther9
Helping with Children In Need
24/11/2023Mansa Arhel9
Outstanding Award
24/11/2023Millie Pearson11
Handed out gloves to homeless people
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HT5 100% Attendance!

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