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Friday 2nd February – Proud Podium

Lots of students from all year groups came to tell us how proud they were about various aspects of their school and out of school activities. It was lovely to see so many students able to verbalise their pride in their achievements.

2/2/24Riley Gambles8
2/2/24Jack Turton8
2/2/24Rhys Frost8
2/2/24Ethan Vincent8
2/2/24Ella Peach7
2/2/24Arran Sanderson8
2/2/24Phoebe Bacon7
2/2/24Bayan Najjar8
2/2/24Isaac Honeyball7
2/2/24Joseph Shadwick8
2/2/24Obanijesu Daudu8
2/2/24Declan Luty7
2/2/24Deborah Ojo7
2/2/24Thomas Booth7
2/2/24Regan Bunting7
2/2/24Harry Conlon7
2/2/24Spencer Attwood7
2/2/24Riley Newton7
2/2/24Hollie Farmer7
2/2/24Libby McNaney7
2/2/24Jessica Koskova7
2/2/24Aisha Ellis10
2/2/24Jay Ottley7
2/2/24Sasha Luhanga8
2/2/24Mufaro Chiunye9
2/2/24Hasini Piratheepan9
2/2/24Jessica Hammerton9
2/2/24Anna Kryvda7
2/2/24Jason Thomas-Pearson9
2/2/24Tyler Yates9
2/2/24Aiden King9
2/2/24Nathan Baldwin9
2/2/24Abigail Gbenro9
2/2/24Connor Hill10
2/2/24Fanta Sanyang8
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HT5 100% Attendance!

A huge congratulations to the 181 students across Y7 and Y8 who had 100% attendance in HT5. These students were invited to receive their 100

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