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The Eco-Council went on their second Eco-Summit to Clifton School this week where we met up with other Eco-Councils across the Trust to continue the work they started in the last Eco-Summit. Not only was Rawmarsh one of the largest Eco-Councils, each student conducted themselves excellently showing respect to all around them, demonstrated enthusiasm, and did our school proud. The day began with some icebreakers which allowed students to get to know each other before the sessions started.

The first session of the day consisted of students looking at letters placed in time capsules from the 1960s and discussing what hopes for the future these writers had and what their letters told us about the world they lived in. Our students then used these letters to create their own in which they wrote information about themselves and what they hoped for future generations to come. There were a large variety of answers but ultimately, all our students hoped for a future where people didn’t have to worry about climate change and instead lived in a future where we cared for the planet and worked together to ensure our planet was taken care of for all.

The second session allowed students to create a poster detailing the anatomy of a leader in which they considered all the qualities a person would need in order to inspire and affect change. Students looked a variety of leaders, both past and present, and discussed what traits enabled these people to make the change they did. Our students produced some great work and will exhibit it in the final Eco-Council Summit where our local MPs will be invited to view all the hard work our Eco-Councils have been putting in.

Finally, the day ended with presentations from two environmental activists who spoke about their work to raise awareness about climate change and how they worked with environmental charities to enact change. Our students in particular showed great enthusiasm in this section and asked lots of very interesting questions about the work of these activists and they were particularly impressed when the heard their stories of meeting David Attenborough!

It was a joy to watch our students engage with the activities as they did and make a great impression upon all those who were present at the Eco-Council Summit. They should be very proud of the work they produced and how they handled themselves on the day!

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