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Ski Lessons!

On Thursday evening 27 of our students made their way to Snozone at Castleford for a two-hour ski lesson, in order to prepare for their trip to Bormio, Italy in April.

Students who had been skiing before were able to spend their lesson on the main slope. They spent their time reacquainting themselves with their skis (for some it had been over two years since they last went skiing), practicing their skills, and building confidence and momentum skiing down the main slope. Students supported those around them and encouraged each other throughout the duration of the lesson.

Individuals challenged themselves and everyone was skiing from the top of the main slope by the end of the session, the more advanced even attempting some jumps on the way down!

For some students, this was their first time skiing and they learnt how to fit their boots to their skis before they spent their lesson on the nursery slope. They practiced their positioning on the skis, mastered the rope lift, learnt how to control their skis, and most importantly, how to stop! By the end of the lesson, some had even advanced to skiing from the halfway point on the main slope. An instructor from this group complemented how resilient the students were and that they were all a pleasure to teach.

Lots of progress was made and they should all be very proud of their achievements! Well done everyone! Bormio here we come!

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