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Y9 Childcare

Our Y9 Childcare groups have started the ‘caring for the child’ unit this term.

As part of lesson 1 we looked at changing routines, the different types of nappies, disposable and reusable, and the advantages and disadvantages of using these.
All students were then given the opportunity to attempt to put a nappy on a doll. Many already had some experience in doing this on a real baby so they acted as experts for those who had not done it before.

Key points identified by our experts were:

  • Hold the baby’s legs up so they don’t put their feet in the dirty nappy.
  • Make sure the tabs are fastened securely but not too tight.
  • Do not cover the baby’s belly button if they are newborn and still have the clip attached.
  • Make sure the frill is pulled out around their legs to prevent leaks.


Students really enjoyed the lesson and some became quite attached to their babies and are looking forward to bringing them home for a weekend in the near future.

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School News

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