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Year 6 Transition

Important Dates 2023/24

Thursday 28th September (5pm-7pm) – Year 6 Open Evening

NOTICE: The bottom gates will be locked and therefore can everyone attending please enter from the top gates on Haugh Road.

Welcome to Rawmarsh Community School

Moving to secondary school is a very important stage in the life of your child. You will, undoubtedly, want to feel comfortable with the way that the new school operates, and the values that it represents. We appreciate that, for some students – and parents, transition from primary school can be an anxious time – a time of change, upheaval and uncertainty. It is for this reason that we offer a full and comprehensive programme of Transition so that prospective students and parents not only understand but also experience life at Rawmarsh Community School first hand. This includes opportunities to attend curriculum taster sessions, partake in tours of the school and meet key staff in school to plan for specific needs. We would expect this for our own children and our team of dedicated staff live by the mantra that ‘we would never do less for other people’s children than we would do for our own’. 

Any transition phase can only run smoothly if strong, cohesive links are forged between primary feeders and their secondary partners. We are fortunate that we operate within an open and outward reaching learning community where we are in regular dialogue with colleagues to ensure the best interests of our students are served. This is especially true of our fellow WPT schools – three of which are within our main catchment area.

Our transition offer culminates with an extended four week induction period known as ‘Rollover.’ During this time, students are able to acclimatise to their new surroundings and form working relationships with their teachers and peers before formally enrolling in September. With years of research highlighting trends of academic stagnation, and even regression, throughout the summer months prior to starting secondary school, our students relish the fresh challenge that Rollover brings, as well as the opportunity to acquire the foundation knowledge that will serve them well as they embark upon the Y7 Curriculum. 

To find out more about transition at Rawmarsh Community School, please take the time to explore this section of our website. We look forward to seeing you at our series of parental engagement events. 

Best wishes,

Hayley Mayfield 

Associate Assistant Headteacher

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Hayley Mayfield

Mrs H Mayfield

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Transition Coordinator


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