Pledge Challenge

KS3 – Your pledge challenge for this half term is to visit an art gallery, theatre or sporting event (LS Bronze). Make sure you take a photo or bring in your ticket stubs and show them to your form tutor as evidence. Alternatively, if you have already achieved this, why not keep a sleep or healthy eating […]

Pledge Challenge Half Term 4

Pledge Challenge Half Term 4 KS3 To tie in with National Careers week, your pledge challenge for this half term is to research employment requirements for a specific career you areinterested in and design an interview (AC Bronze). For those of you who have already completed this one you need to interview a person from a possible career […]

Y7s Continue Completing Bronze Pledge Tasks

Y7 students are continuing to complete the pledge tasks and achieve their Bronze Pledges. The challenge for all Y7 students is to complete at least 1 Bronze Pledge by February half term – 59 students in the year group have achieved at least 1 Bronze Pledge since September. The Pledge Challenge set for all students […]

Y7 Pledge Challenge

The challenge pledge task for this half term is part of the British values bronze pledge to show independence at home by washing, ironing, cooking, or cleaning. If you complete any of these tasks at home please take a picture and send it to Mrs Hazzard and your form tutor so we can mark it […]

Y7 Full Bronze Pledge

Y7 have had a stellar start to the year and this half term by achieving 299 pledge tasks. This is an outstanding start, let’s hope this continues for the remainder of the year! Some of our top achievers of the pledge so far, completing all of the bronze pledges; Active citizenship, British values and Life […]

Y10 Full Bronze Pledge

Massive well done to Brooke Richmond and Bradley Outram who are the first 2 students in Y10 to complete a full Bronze Pledge. They have worked incredibly hard to complete all 12 tasks based around a variety of different life skills and important curriculum enhancing tasks. The final task for both students to complete was […]

Pledge Challenge Update

Tristan Szczepkowski Y7 is the first student to send in evidence that he has successfully completed the pledge challenge for this half term by washing the pots. Well done Tristan, you should be proud of your achievements. Who will be next to rise to the challenge and show independence at home by completing some household […]

Pledge Challenge – Household Chores

This half term we are setting all students in KS3/4 the challenge to complete the Bronze British Values task of demonstrating independence at home by washing or ironing your clothes or completing another household chore. Once they have completed the task they must email photo evidence to their Form Tutor who will log it as […]

Y7 Pledge Update

There has been a flurry of pledge activity in Y7 this term. All in all the number of individual pledge tasks has skyrocketed over the past couple of weeks as students rush to try and rise to the challenge that has been set for the year group of Y7 students to complete at least 1 […]